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·        Festivebeat makes a commitment to protecting your privacy and promises only to use information collected about you to fulfill your order in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 2018Be assured, We will never pass your e-mail address to other traders under any circumstances.

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What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that can be stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. These files are typically used to hold your user preferences, to store important data as you browse the website (such as the contents of your shopping cart), or to find out if you have browsed the website before.

As these files can only store small amounts of data there is nothing dangerous about the files themselves, but some companies may use the information to track what other websites you have visited or to build a profile of your online behavior. Festivebeat does not involve itself in these activities.

What cookies does use and why?
Festivebeat, like most e-commerce websites, uses a variety of cookies to help ensure that our website functions correctly and to provide information on how to improve our pages and marketing. 

How can cookies be managed or disabled?

You can easily change the way cookies are handled on your computer by adjusting the cookie settings within your internet browser. It is possible to manage which websites are allowed to create cookies on your computer as well as view or delete cookies that have already been stored.

Please note: Blocking all cookies from will prevent the Shopping Cart from functioning correctly and you will be unable to place an order through the website. However, you can still place an order over Whatsapp using the number provided on the CONTACT US page