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KP-32 (Age 3-5 yrs) 3Pcs Patiala Set

  • The sizes shown here are the starting price. As the size goes up the price will change due to material/weight/extra stitching charges.
  • Since all the kids are Unique, so is their growth :) All the sizes mentioned below are measured in cms. These measurements are "approximate" considering a manual error in cutting, stitching and in the final measurement. However THESE ARE STANDARD CLOTHING SIZE GUIDELINES on which ethnic dresses are stiched.  
  • The pictures used in the display are mainly of smaller size cloths (either 3yr or 4 yrs). Hence the bigger cloth might look a little different from the displayed picture. 
  •  Please note, the sizes mentioned are not taken for all Individual cloths. It may vary depending on the pattern and style.
  • The precise color of the clothing item(s) may vary depending on the specific monitor, the settings and the lighting conditions.  
  • Please click the individual size to know the price. Price changes as per the size.

  • SizeAgeTop ChestTop LengthBottom Length

    Size-11-2 year66 cm48 cm50 cm
    Size-22-3 years68 cm52 cm55 cm
    Size-33-4 years70 cm56 cm58 cm
    Size-44-5 years71 cm58 cm62 cm
    Size-55-6 years72 cm60 cm67 cm
    Size-66-7 years73 cm64 cm71 cm
    Size-77-8 years76 cm66 cm75 cm
    Size-88-9 years80 cm69 cm78 cm
    Size-99-10 years82 cm73 cm90 cm
    Size-1010-11 years84 cm75 cm95 cm

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